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  • Castle of Light
    Project set within the grounds of Edinburgh Castle at night using powerful 3D projection mapping to bring its history to life in a fun … Read more
  • Lost Treasure
    I worked on this with singer Drew Wright and filmmaker Minttu Mantynen. Lost Treasure is an unfinished project by The Dawn Cine Group, a … Read more
  • Whatever Gets You Through The Night
    Theatre/film/music/book project made with Cora Bissett and David Greig. Starting out as an idea for a music-driven theatre project, Whatever Gets You Through The … Read more
  • Swimmer One
    A band that was active for 10 years between 2002 and 2012. We made 2 albums, a handful of singles, some films and two … Read more
  • Byline
    I provided music for an advert by crowd-funding journalism site Byline, which provides a platform to connect readers with investigative journalists. I also handled … Read more
  • Stones / Avanim
    A collaboration with choreographer/dancer Merav Israel and her company LaNua on a site-specific installation in Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh with dancers Rosalind Masson, Monika … Read more
  • Public: Private
    Extract from a 2004 film by Daniel Warren. A commission for the National Galleries of Scotland Education Department and Scottish Ballet.