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Hamish Brown: Music

Hello, I’m Hamish Brown. I’m a versatile and experienced music producer, media composer and mix engineer. I work with musicians and directors to help them get the best results from their project and budget. I’ve had music placed everywhere from Hollywood films and cinema ads to dance and theatre. I also produce/record/mix/master records with artists and provide location sound services. I work with clients including NPR, PRX, BBC, National Galleries etc.

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Photography: Daniel Dabrowski

Before doing this, I worked in journalism. I teach courses for The National Union of Journalists and EIS – next dates: Spring 2024#JoinAUnion.

Production Reel 2024

I can help you finish your music and love to collaborate. Get in touch. Recent production, mixing and mastering favourites below.

Recent Work

New track: Equilux (2024)

New music from me. Featuring Stu Brown (drums), Norman Willmore (sax) and Caroline Clarke (vocals). Album (Barsini Red) done and out soon. Artwork : Daniel Warren.

Listen in the Production Reel player above and via : Apple music · Spotify · Amazon · Deezer · Bandcamp

Film soundtrack/installation: Castle of Light (2023, 2022, 2021, 2019)

2023 marks the fourth year of this unique and extraordinary event which transforms the iconic Edinburgh Castle by night into a world of colour via powerful 3D projection mapping, experienced by an audience of 100,000+ people. As part of a great team of animators and visual artists, I oversee the music and sound, contributing original music, sound design and mix/mastering to the 15+ films and installations each year. Full 2023 performer credits here. Event website:

Mastering: Everyday Ecstasies (2023)

Fantastic new work by Hoch Ma Toch. Lo-fi minimal techno for introverts.

New track: Let’s Go to Bed (2023)

New track with Andrew Eaton-Lewis – we worked together in the band Swimmer One 2003-2013 – a cover of the Cure song Let’s Go To Bed for Pictures of You: A compilation of covers of songs by The Cure. All funds raised go to mental health charity MIND. £5000+ raised to date.

New track: Twenty Years Too Soon, Twenty Years Too Late (2023)

I was in the band Swimmer One 2003-2013. in 2023, we marked 20 years since we started (and 10 since we stopped) by remixing/remastering our back catalogue of 29 songs and making a new one to round it up to 30. (Keep those hard drives backed up.)

Film soundtrack/installation: Jacqueline Donachie – Imperial (2022)

Original music/location recording/sound mix for 12-minute film by artist Jacqueline Donachie, commissioned by Art in Manufacturing for the National Festival of Making 2022. The film explores the history of the mill buildings in the north of England, from their previous and present day industrial use, to their use as venues for parties during the early 90s house music and rave scene. Screened at Festival opening event and Prism Contemporary.

Director: Jacqueline Donachie. Filming / Post production: Andy McGregor. Filmed at Imperial Mill, Blackburn

Album mix/mastering: John Robertson – The Atomic Facts of Love (2022)

Mixing and mastering of this fantastic album by John Robertson. Find it on Spotify, Apple Music etc. BBC Radio airplay.

Film soundtrack/installation: Jacqueline Donachie – Beautiful Sunday (2021)

Sound design/music for film Beautiful Sunday, a 12min film and sculptural installation by artist Jacqueline Donachie, commissioned for the Folkestone Triennial and that celebrates the dance floors of the town by marking out their size one-to-one on a huge stage set in the middle of a derelict gasworks site. Also screened at SWG3, Glasgow.

Production / post-production: Andy McGregor

Advertising: Mental Health Arts Festival (2022)

Original trailer music for Mental Health Arts Festival 2022. This is a custom edit of the Swimmer One track ‘Regional’.

Album mix/mastering: Mercurius MC – Ruined (2021)

Mix/mastering of 8 tracks for Ruined, an album by Mercurius MC and a film-based exhibition on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Mercurius MC – We Are Ruined. Film: Cagoule

Album recording/mix: The Pitiful Few – Songs for Sinners (2021)

10-track album recorded and mixed for The Pitiful Few. Listen in Spotify, Apple Music, etc.

Film soundtrack/installation: Sir Walter Scott 250 (2021)

Sound design for 3D projection mapping film at Smailholm Tower to mark Sir Walter Scott’s 250th anniversary. Fiddle by Morag Currie. Commissioned by The Abbotsford Trust.

For older work, see Projects.

Client list

  • BBC
  • NPR
  • PRX
  • NHS
  • The Times and Sunday Times
  • National Galleries
  • National Theatre
  • Mental Health Foundation