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Production, mixing and mastering

Recording, mixing and mastering reel plus some recent work below.

Reel: Recording, Mixing + Mastering

Reel: Mixing + Mastering

Recent work

Paul Wilson – Drive With Me (2024)

A juicy slice of deep house with mix and mastering my me.

Mastering: Hoch Ma Toch – Everyday Ecstasies (2023)

Fantastic new work by Hoch Ma Toch. Lo-fi minimal techno for introverts.

Mastering: Bee Asha – Faking It (2023)

New music from Bee Asha featuring producer Nathanial Carter.

John Robertson – The Atomic Facts of Love (2022)

Mixing and mastering of this fantastic album by John Robertson. BBC Radio airplay. Listen now via Spotify, Apple Music etc

Album mix/mastering: Mercurius MC – Ruined (2021)

Mix/mastering of 8 tracks for Ruined, an album by Mercurius MC and a film-based exhibition on display at the National Portrait Gallery.

Mercurius MC – We Are Ruined. Film: Cagoule

Album recording/mix: The Pitiful Few – Songs for Sinners (2021)

10-track album recorded and mixed for The Pitiful Few. Listen in Spotify, Apple Music, etc.