Stones / Avanim

A collaboration with choreographer/dancer Merav Israel and her company LaNua on a site-specific installation in Old Ambulance Depot, Edinburgh with dancers Rosalind Masson, Monika Smekot, Monica De Ioanni and Iraya Noble.

I worked closely with the dancers in composing the music and sound design during the development stage of the project. I also installed a 4-­way sound system in the space and performed a live mix of the score.

The ideas explored the this work – stone and our relationship to it – made the conventional tools of melody, harmony and rhythm seem like imposters whenever they appeared. Over time, and after close collaboration with the dance group during development and rehearsals, I worked with a deliberately restricted palette (white noise, sub bass, filters) and used texture and pattern to create tension and release in the pieces used within the work.

Performed in May 2011. Commissioned by Creative Scotland.