Seafieldroad – The Winter of 88

The third album I’ve recorded with Seafieldroad – a project by singer-songwriter Andrew Eaton-Lewis. Andrew and I wrote songs together as members of Swimmer One – about the best musical training ground you could ask for – but this is his thing. For this one, we tracked down an amazing Steinway piano in a great-sounding room (which actually contains *another* ‘spare’ Steinway) and brought in mobile recording gear. Trumpet, organ and backing vocals added later.

Interesting crowdfunding model too. 88 physical copies of the album were pre-sold via Bandcamp, with the name of each buyer included in the title track. (Listen to the song to see how this works). 88, as well as being a reference to the year Andrew started writing songs, and to 88 project funders, is also the number of keys on a piano keyboard – we later remembered.