Hamish Brown: Music

Hello, I’m Hamish Brown. I’m a versatile and experienced music producer, media composer and mix engineer. I work with musicians and directors to help them them get the best results from their project. I’ve had music placed everywhere from Hollywood films, cinema ads, dance and theatre to zero-budget passion pieces and most places in between. I also produce records with artists and mix records they’ve already part-recorded. I provide spoken word services, including voiceover, podcast production, tape sync and location sound.

Before doing this, I worked in journalism. I also teach a one-day podcasting course for the NUJ in Glasgow – next dates: Aug/Sep 2020.

Recent Work

Castle of Light

Project set within the grounds of Edinburgh Castle at night using powerful 3D projection mapping to bring its history to life in a fun and engaging way to an audience of 50,000+ people over 6 weeks during December 2019. Commissioned by Historic Environment Scotland.

Sound design, Voiceover recording
Project: Castle of Light
Client: Historic Environment Scotland
Animation: Jenny Soep
Voice: Jackie Kay, reading her own poem Craiglockhart.
Creative Director: Andy McGregor
Sound design, Voiceover recording
Client: Historic Environment Scotland
Project: Castle of Light
Animation: Cameron Gleave at Double Take
Voice: Lorna Irvine
Creative Director: Andy McGregor

Lost Treasure

A commission from Glasgow Short Film Festival to score (alongside vocalist Drew Wright) a new edit of footage shot in 1950s by the Dawn Cine Group filmmaking collective and left unfinished. Screened with a live score UK-wide as part of BFI Cinescore Live.

Engineering / Production Reel 2019

Media Composition Reels 2019

Podcast and Spoken Word

A radio-style piece on the Sunshine Recovery CafĂ©, a pop-up cafe in Paisley for – and run by – recovering addicts.

A panel event recorded and mixed for the All Back to Bowie’s podcast in in 2014, featuring an interview with Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Client list

  • BBC
  • NHS
  • Pacific Content
  • Historic Environment Scotland
  • National Galleries of Scotland
  • Glasgow Film
  • Mental Health Foundation
  • Edinburgh Art Festival
  • Artlink
  • Byline Media
  • Edinburgh UNESCO City of Literature Trust
  • The Arches
  • The Work Room
  • Pachamama Productions
  • Creative Edinburgh
  • Zero Tolerance
  • Project Scotland